Interview with Jamie Rakover from App Dome

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Tel Aviv based startups App Dome offers what they described to us as “Security as a Service”.

Their product is an additional security layer for Android and iOS applications that customers can integrate into their app within 7 minutes. Jamie Rakover from App Dome told us that “”every other solution on the market right now involves an SDK integration which can be a lengthy and a costly process. Our solution is Security as a Service. We wrap the layer between the application binary and the OS without any source code modification required.” Once the App is updated, it is wrapped again, or if new serious threads surface, customers are informed to update their application with App Dome. The Fintech Connect Live was a perfect event for them to exhibit as they can offer many startups the opportunity to improve their application’s security without having to spend a lot of money on an SDK integration. Additionally they offer the startups a negotiable customs pricing for the service if they achieve less than 100.000 downloads for their application.