Managing Identities Online: Blockchain and AI are the Key

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Blockchain and identity management are not only a natural fit, but will also be an increasingly important part for online businesses in the future. AI and Blockchain will play crucial roles in customer onboarding and provide better conversion for businesses and more security for all parties involved.

Rupert Spiegelberg (CEO) and Armin Bauer (CTO) of IDnow told us how these two technologies work together to provide best customer onboarding and an outlook to the online identity management industry.

In the first part of the interview we talked about why identity management will be one of the most interesting areas to watch in 2018, how opening bank accounts online can be safer than in a bank, and how even customers of 102 years old can use online identification.

Here is PART 2:

For more information on IDnow, please visit their website: