Startups @ WebSummit – Video Interviews (3-5min)

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We stopped by at some of the startups and established fintechs at this year's WebSummit in Lisbon to ask them what their respective products can achieve – in just three minutes. Here's who they are, what they do and how they see the industry.

Finding a quiet spot at an event with approx. 60,000 visitors can be challenging. Please apologize potential audio difficulties. Thank you.

PinaPay is a one-woman fintech startup focussing on remittances and mobile payment in the Caribbean. Watch the video to find out what to expect and what the founder, Stacy-Ann Sinclair, thinks will be most interesting in finance in 2018.

StockMetrics claims to make finding profitable stocks easier, even for inexperienced traders who still want to build their own portfolio instead of following others. Zhanbolat briefly explains what led them to build the solution.

Firmo offers trustless financial contracts on any blockchain. CEO and founder, Dr. Omri Ross, talked to us about why their product is special and where the blockchain technology is headed. They are soon having an ICO.

Next week, we will publish three more interviews from WebSummit. Stay tuned.