Ozan Welcomes Their New CEO to the Team

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We’re slowly heading to a final push towards a fully digital world where everything is done online. That includes paying for products and services using a central platform designed to help you manage all of your finances and make direct payments when online shopping.

Ozan, founded by Dr. Ozan Ozerk, is one such solution, and it’s quickly gaining new features driven by some of the most respected fintech experts in the world. The company recently welcomed two new members to their teams; Mr Omer Suner becomes the new CEO, and Mr. Erdal Özcan is the new head of compliance.

Ozan Ozerk’s Team of Experts

Banking is a complicated system, especially when talking about e-banking. Many different systems, rules, and regulations have to be considered to create a unison online payment platform such as this one.

That’s why Ozan Ozerk already hired dozens of respected experts, programmers, and engineers who all work together to provide the world with a working platform that allows international money transfers and direct payments using multiple methods.

The work behind this super app is immense, and even though it’s released and used today, the work never stops. Team members have to keep working and improving the platform to make it even better and easier to use. However, organizing all team members and managing all projects within the company takes a lot of experience and focus. Dr. Ozan Ozerk, the company’s founder, is always looking for new expert team members who love a good challenge.

Ozan decided to invest everything they had into perfecting the app, which is why they hired a few renowned team members with decades of experience in financial technologies. Omer Suner is the latest addition to their team and will undoubtedly improve the platform in the near future.

Expert Knowledge of Banking Systems

Mr Omer Suner has an affluent background working closely with some of the most prominent companies in the world. He worked for BNP Paribas, Samsung Electronics, and one of Turkey’s major e-Money startups known as the biggest Visa partner.

His extensive knowledge in multiple fields is precisely what Ozan Ozerk needed to bring his super app idea to the next level. Ozan Ozerk already has experience with similar platforms including SettleGo, and OpenPayd, but his latest project aims to provide an even better experience.

He needed a new name to lead the further expansion of Ozan, but it had to be someone outside of the company, with a neutral view of the situation. Omer’s biography made him the best possible choice. After an offer was made, he became responsible for organizing the entire staff responsible for the newest multiplatform paying app.

Erdal Özcan is the second addition to the team as the new head of compliance. Mr. Erdal Özcan is an expert with over 18 years of experience at BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) in Turkey. He is the latest addition to the company and the man whose unique expertise will improve the ORM project with valuable information.

After speaking to Erdal Özcan, we could see that he was more than happy to join Ozan Ozerk’s team, and he started working on new ideas the moment he was hired.

Ozan has been following his work for some time, and the company is more than happy to welcome such a capable local to their new team. The owner, Ozan Ozerk, came to greet his new team members in person and organized a small welcome party at the company’s HQ.

Making Way For The Future

Today, when the economic systems are more than shaky and uncertain, finance management has never been so important. However, many business owners and private companies struggle to keep their finances in check. With multiple accounts, platforms, and everyday money transfers, many companies hire entire teams to keep track of their spending and make sure that they optimize their systems.

That’s where Ozan Ozerk comes in. It’s an easy to use app designed to allow payments, transactions, and direct deposits on the go. It allows users to send money to friends and family members, convert currencies when traveling, and provide users with a single platform from where they can manage all of their accounts and details. It offers similar features as the European Merchant Bank, but with easier access and management.

The need for fast, simple, and safe online payment methods is quickly rising everywhere globally. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way most people spend their money. Instead of going to physical stores and shops, people have primarily shifted to online stores to make purchases from their homes. However, many of the available payment methods are easily hacked and compromised, and users have to remember their credentials for every card.

With Ozan, they can enter all of their details once and simply manage their finances directly from an app on their smartphones. Ozan Ozerk developed this idea because he had a hard time remembering all of his accounts’ codes. His newest additions to the company are going to make things even smoother in the future.

Omer Suner said that he’s very excited to contribute to this project. His unique way of looking at things is just what the platform needs to improve even further. Ozan Ozerk’s goal is to become one of the most popular fintech apps globally, and the newest members of the team will surely make significant steps towards that goal.

Making Your Life Easier

As Ozan Ozerk believes, Both Omer Suner and Erdal Ozcan will work hard to develop even better payment solutions within Ozan’s existing platform. With new, fresh ideas, and a different view of the subject, their unique skills will help the company better and become one of the most popular international trade and finance management methods.

Ozan Limited (trading as Ozan) is a company incorporated in England (company number 09561722) with registered address at The Bower, 207-211 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9NR. Ozan Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN 900482) for the issuance of electronic money.