Most strange Fonts you ever saw

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The fans of fonts will know that there are some extraordinary fonts out there. It doesn't matter if it's the shape of the letters, how close they are to each other, how ornate they are or how complicated they are to read, and some fonts are just completely weird and really different from anything we have ever seen. In this article, we are going to explore a bit of those weird fonts in case you need a very rare, eye catching one for your project.

Before you go all bananas and run to download sexy fonts to to have the weirdest, coolest Font ever and distinguish yourself from your competitors, we want to warn you that there's already niches where getting the weirdest, most illegible Font ever for your logo has become mainstream and has almost been turned into an art form. Heavy metal groups absolutely love to make their logos the most bizarre, obscure, weird, and illegible possible to make an impression on their audience, to the point that sometimes the logo is absolutely illegible and impossible to associate with the name unless you are a hardened fan. In this style, most of the logos of heavy metal bands just look like convoluted, squiggly, sharp lines. If you want to use this style for your logo, you will find this type of Font easily by searching for "black metal font."

A font that we would consider weird, outdated, and bad fashion nowadays could be all the rage in the past. This is the case of old gothic and medieval fonts. This really bold, thick, really ornate Font is considered "weird" nowadays, chosen only if you want to use them in a historical drama or if you are a fan of alternative fashions and subcultures like goth or punk, but during the Middle Ages this fonts were the ones used by monks to write all books as they were considered really elegant, classy and legible and during that era, only Kings, Queens, and nobles could afford to purchase books (mainly to show off their status, so them being decorative was a really important part of it.) If you want to use this type of Font for your projects, a simple search of "old gothic" fonts will be all you need.

Another weird font that we can't really consider a font is Wingdings. Wingdings is a "dingbat font", which means the letters aren't really letters but symbols, and it shouldn't be used for writing but it is used for decorative purposes instead: in advertisements, as an adornment in whatever you are writing. However, plenty of us used to have fun playing with it and writing entire texts out friends would have to decipher. Before we had emojis to write cryptic tweets full of images with, we used this cool, fun, original Font. This non-font Font has also brought with it plenty of controversy, after a hoax email insisted that by typing "Q33 NY" (supposedly the number of the flight that hit the Twin Towers) in Wingdings, the symbols that appeared looked like a plane hitting two skyscrapers and a skull with a Star of David, insinuating that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the jews. This hoax was proven to be baseless and absurd, as the real numbers of the flights that hit the Twin Towers were N334AA and N612UA.

Ruritania is also a weird, original, ornate font. Used very often in fantasy settings, such as fantasy books, online or tabletop roleplaying games, and for the logo of companies related to medieval fantasy, this really ornate and elegant Font is full of curves and adornments that look like little leaves or branches. This Font is immediately recognizable and gives us a clear idea of what we are about to deal with: elves, hobbits, fantastical creatures, and a romanticized Middle Earth.

And just like that, we have come to the end of our article about weird rare fonts. Of course, there are many fonts that are strange, unusual, and break the conventions that you could use, but for that, you will have to do some research yourself. Did you become charmed by any of these strange, unusual fonts? Did you learn about new fonts that you could use for your unique project? If you are still not absolutely convinced by any of this, you can always go and download some more fonts for absolutely free, just google it!