[Sponsored] Rising to the Challenge – A New Era in Retail Banking

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Retail Banking is moving into new and exciting territories. Gone are the days when the industry was exclusively dominated by a handful of established organizations – the emergence of the challenger banks has paved the way towards a new era in banking. We spoke to the CEOs of some of the most promising challenger banks in Europe to hear their visions in this exciting time of data-driven change and disruption.

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  • CEO and Co-Founder of Secco, Chris Gledhill, discusses his revolutionary new bank and its mission to disrupt the world of retail banking
  • Steve Pateman, the CEO of Shawbrook Bank discusses where the established banks are falling short and how he’s going to secure Shawbrook’s segment of the market
  • Mondo’s Head of Product, Ole Mahrt, reveals how Mondo will provide a mobile-only, heavily customer-centric business model to win the battle for the customer

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